Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Lost No More" Progress

After getting the cross stitching "bug" again (which was helped out A LOT by meandering into Michael's and seeing a huge clearance on some Dimensions Gold Collection kits -- $12!!), I purchased and started "Lost No More" designed by Greg J. Olsen:

I normally don't do kits, but this one was beautiful in person, and thought it would look great in my mother's living room.

This is my progress so far -- I started in mid April:

This one has been so enjoyable to stitch so far.  My original goal was to finish by Christmas, but I'm beginning to think I overreached in my expectations just a bit!  If I don't finish by Christmas, I figure it would make just as good of a Mother's Day 2012 gift.  Just gotta keep stitch, stitch, stitching!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Welcome to my new blog, and my first ever post!

I just began a rather large cross stitching project last month called "Lost No More" (and also added to my "stash" for future busy-ness with other large projects!), so I wanted to develop a blog to show the progress of my work and hopefully share this wonderful craft with others.

Happy stitching!