Friday, September 2, 2011

Long Time, No Post

It's been way too long since I've posted an update!

I do have some progress on Lost No More, but not nearly as much as I want.  I've been participating in a few exchanges this past month, so I've taken a little break.  I hope to take a picture within the next day or so, and will be posting it soon.

I just finished a summer-themed bookmark for an exchange in my ILCS Yahoo group, so as soon as my partner receives it, I'll post pictures of the package I sent.  I hope she enjoys it!

I already received my package in the exchange from Jessie.  She wanted to send things that represented each season, so she sent me a WONDERFUL bookmark of a tree that reminded her of summer vacation (summer), some floss bobbins that featured spring patterns (spring), overdyed floss in the colors of Autumn leaves (fall), and a very unique Christmas ornament kit that contains a gold-plated stitching piece instead of aida or paper (winter).  Such a great, great package from Jessie!  Pictures will be posted soon.

I'm also getting ready to stitch a Lizzie Kate project for my partner in the Lizzie Kate Exchange Blog.  I meant to start this last month and was so excited to be ahead of schedule for once -- but I should have known better!  I'm hardly ever ahead of schedule.  So here I am, just starting it when it's due to be mailed out in 3 weeks.  There must be a Procrastinators Anonymous group around here somewhere that I can join!

And finally -- I received the BEST package in the mail today from a lady in my ILCS Yahoo group!  I had inquired a few months ago about Mill Hill Christmas ornament kits, and a lady named Sue helped me with some great advice and inspired me to order (and complete) my first Mill Hill ornament.  She told me at the time that she would put together a "finishing kit" with some backing items and instructions on how she backs her ornaments.  Today, I received her package, which included not only some fabric, backing material, ribbon, and a beautiful card -- but TWO Mill Hill treasure box beaded kits, another Mill Hill ornament kit, and a Santa ornament kit!!  It never ceases to amaze me how generous, helpful, and AWESOME the cross-stitching community is to its fellow stitchers.  I was blown away by this great surprise!

I have LOTS of pictures to post soon and catch up on!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Lost No More" Progress

After getting the cross stitching "bug" again (which was helped out A LOT by meandering into Michael's and seeing a huge clearance on some Dimensions Gold Collection kits -- $12!!), I purchased and started "Lost No More" designed by Greg J. Olsen:

I normally don't do kits, but this one was beautiful in person, and thought it would look great in my mother's living room.

This is my progress so far -- I started in mid April:

This one has been so enjoyable to stitch so far.  My original goal was to finish by Christmas, but I'm beginning to think I overreached in my expectations just a bit!  If I don't finish by Christmas, I figure it would make just as good of a Mother's Day 2012 gift.  Just gotta keep stitch, stitch, stitching!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Welcome to my new blog, and my first ever post!

I just began a rather large cross stitching project last month called "Lost No More" (and also added to my "stash" for future busy-ness with other large projects!), so I wanted to develop a blog to show the progress of my work and hopefully share this wonderful craft with others.

Happy stitching!